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This blog is a resource guide for informational purposes only, and not the delivery of legal, technical or other professional advice. Using the information provided on this blog does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. If you need legal advice, please consult your lawyer.


My name is Neil Spears, and I am a formerly licensed attorney with a professional background in technology.

During law school some well-intentioned people suggested that legal technology, data protection and privacy was "an interesting niche field." I disagree with that notion, as technology influences every facet of our modern lives. We are still in the relative infancy of networked technology and it has already influenced everything from family law to patent law; from the rules of federal civil procedure rules to hospital processes; from schools to businesses to government. Technology law can touch an individual on a deeply personal level or lead entire nations to the brink of war.

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So it should surprise no one that legal technology is the focus of this site. My conversations will include e-commerce, secure transactions, electronic discovery, identity theft and transitioning to electronic health records as provided by the HITECH Act. I am also interested in the impact of technology and social media on youth, as well as youth's impact on technology.

Enjoy your stay.

-- Neil