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‘Using TrueCrypt Is Not Secure’

TrueCrypt, a popular free open source encryption solution, is being abandoned and is considered "harmful and no longer secure" by its developers.

But is that really the case? There are many theories surrounding why the development team abruptly quit. Hopefully an ongoing audit of the code will provide answers:

TrueCrypt has been developed for the past 10 years by a team of anonymous coders who appear to have worked diligently to keep their identities hidden...

Green last year helped spearhead dual crowdfunding efforts to raise money for a full-scale, professional security audit of the software. That effort ended up pulling in more than $70,000 (after counting the numerous Bitcoin donations) —  far exceeding the campaign’s goal and demonstrating strong interest and support from the user community. Earlier this year, security firm iSEC Partners completed the first component of the code review: an analysis of TrueCrypt’s bootloader (PDF).


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